TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. TYPO3 is written in PHP and uses MySQL databases on Apache webservers maximizing value and minimizing initial investment.

TYPO3 is used by corporations such as Philips, EDS, Volkswagen, General Electric, Stanford University, MGM Home Entertainment, 3M, New York Times, Lufthansa, Ford, T-Online and Samsung and is ThePermaWeb's preferred content management environment.

TYPO3 at it's core has advanced features such as multiple clipboards, the ability to "undo" changes to a single piece of content or a whole multi-page structure and advanced image management that allows advanced functions to be performed on images at the time of publishing. Learn more about Typo3 advanced functionality.

The core features of Typo3 are impressive to say the least.

  • Manage your own website. All our solutions offer user friendly and intuitive user interface plus we provide the training to master advanced web content and design management.
  • Manage one or more top level domains from one easy and intuitive backend editing interface .
  • Manage menus and links automatically through the user interface that detects when a page is published and adds it to appropriate menus as well as unpublishing all links to pages that have been hidden or removed, even links published in content.
  • Images, videos and other documents can be mass uploaded, sorted and categorized. Images can be cropped and rotated right on the web server. When including images on pages, they can be linked and sized with simple controls. Additionally, the "click to enlarge" feature is easy and automatic providing an AJAX lightbox for displaying of multiple images.
  • Customizable RTE (Rich Text Editor), so you  can select text and bold, underline resize and color with easy tool-tipped RTE buttons.
  • Multiple levels of user/group permissions and easy page or folder level management of the access of specific users and groups.
  • Manageable page/folder level template control. Content editors can change the look of each page individually, or the whole site at once.
  • Easy to manage web forms. 
  • Unlimited history. You can undo any change you make on the site.

Typo3 is great just as it is shipped, but at CMSWizard/ThePermaWeb we go way beyond the standard features and functionality.

Learn more about the possibilities at the Typo3 home page or read a third party comparison and review of Typo3